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2010-05-01 10:52 pm

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Looks like a little business is gonna keep me away from home sweet home for a while. Don't do anything I wouldn't do while I'm gone, lovelies, and you know I'll be back as soon as I can be. ♥

[Delivered to Jason via Mercury Couriers shortly after this is posted - a USB flash drive with a dozen or so photos of one of his 'missing persons' dealing with some very shady characters. The date of them being taken appears to have been a few days before. Also on the drive is this song. It's signed M]
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2010-04-04 01:20 am


...So, does anyone know the best way to get blood out of satin?
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2010-03-20 04:23 pm


Fourteen hour shift, no wonder I'm tired! A paycheck doesn't lie, though, and we can all thank Nancy Sinatra for bringing the love of fabulous boots to women nationwide. I've got my eye on a nice pair.

I need to just take a shower and get some sleep, really, especially if I'm supposed to make it to tonight's meeting. I'd skip, but Mary Beth made quiche, and if that woman knows only one thing it's how to make a quiche.